“When did I say you can run?  Get back to dying you cowards!” – Broderick Worr

That may not be Broderick Worr in the art above, but it does show Commissars looking awesome (it’s Yarrick by the way). In some of my recent articles I have been talking about the Astra Militarum
and their popularity (and also competitiveness), and I suggested that the upcoming warlord, Broderick Worr

, might make them a bit more popular. In this article I am going to have a look at the Commissar and his signature cards in a bit more detail.
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I said I had another video to record commentary for, but I didn’t expect to have the free hour & recording space so soon! This time I’m back, piloting my Scum Maincrushers deck against a Desperate Rebels build. It’s a long and agonizing game, as Maincrushers often are, but it’s fun and interesting and you get to see how the whole deck works! Enjoy!

(Art by Pierre Loyvet, see his work here)

This was our fifth and final tournament in our Spring League and my choice of faction was limited to Eldar, Dark Eldar and Astra Militarum (in our league system you cannot use the same faction more than once). I decided to go with Eldar and Eldorath Starbane

. I could not use Baharroth as Descendants of Isha is not yet out in the UK.

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