Jedi Control

Every game has a spectrum of play. When a game against a single opponent requires both that you reach your victory condition and that you prevent your opponent from reaching theirs, some people will gravitate towards being assertive and some towards being reactive. This concept is well known thanks to tons of scholarship headed by Magic: the Gathering describing the spectrum of aggro (seeking to win as fast as possible) and control (preventing your opponent from winning until they run out of options).

Because it has become clearly defined in Magic, and different points on the “aggro-control” spectrum even associated to specific colors, it’s common practice for card games to assign similar points to different factions during initial design. Thus you end up with the “control faction,” the “aggro faction,” and the “midrange faction.” In Star Wars, this means Jedi and Sith are control, Rebels and Navy are aggro, and Smugglers and Scum are midrange (all Freeloader instant-win tricks aside). But for a game in which the light side is encouraged to attack, what the heck would a reactive control deck look like?

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One note from my article about Baharroth

was that although I enjoyed having a mobile warlord, the rest of the build seemed like it required cookie cutter Eldar choices to ensure a strong combat presence…at least until we receive some better targets for Death From Above. One of the trickiest elements of future playtesting is you are only given a small glance at the whole card pool before that Warlord is available.

When he was first spoiled, I was completely disinterested with Urien…especially compared to Packmaster Kith. Rakarth’s Experimentations

did not look very scary, and the signature squad didn’t have a command icon. However, multiple new cards have been spoiled since that time. Inspired by last week’s Baharroth testing, I thought about how I could build a deck with the next Dark Eldar warlord. The options were inspiring and surprisingly vast; there are so many solid card choices one can choose from, and multiple core set cards which were previously mediocre became amazing. Hypex Injector anyone?

Well, after multiple games with the big bad torturer, I can safely say that he brings a whole new meaning to “choke” and some crazy powerful combat options that Kith does not have. Get ready for a new type of conquest deck: Event Control. Another shoutout to Sean for playtesting with me this week.
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At first glance, I was both excited and worried about Baharroth

; the signature squad is quite weak compared to Starbane’s council, but I was excited about being able to deal two damage with an Eldar Warlord. Furthermore, I believe Mobile is a very strong keyword that helps in command and then in battle . Overall though, he seemed very fun to use and my playtesting definitely showed potential. The best part is that like Aun’Shi, Baharroth has a unique playstyle that isn’t mirrored by any other warlord..except..strangely enough, Eldorath.

Huh? You didn’t know that FFG spoiled the new Eldar warlord and his signature cards?

Well, they did..but apparently they deleted the news posting and it’s no longer on their site.

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Hello all of my Ork boyz!

I have had a ton of fantastic feedback on my Ork Smash deck previously listed in my tournament report with several players letting me know that they ran it or an inspired deck based off of it and doing well in their own tournaments. So I thought I would type up an article behind the deck. An article about my decision making when building the deck and my intentions behind it.

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As much as I like playing Nazdreg

at any given opportunity, I decided to go with a faction and warlord that I have not used at a tournament yet, Eldorath Starbane.

If I am honest, I have not really played much with Eldar. That is probably not the best preparation, but it is a pretty casual tournament so I did not really mind.

Veteran Eldar players may not agree with many of my card choices, but here is the decklist that I used for the tournament.

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The day after our last Winter League tournament there was a Store Championships taking place at Wargames Emporium (Sheffield, UK). Since this is only about an hour’s drive from where we are, seven of us decided to make the journey there to compete.

Rather amusingly we made up seven out of the eight participants. This unfortunately meant that we would not get to play against many unfamiliar faces (it is always nice to see different local metas) but at least we all had a good chance of getting one of those fantastic playmats!

I had been using Nazdreg

the day before (see previous tournament report) and decided to make a couple of minor changes. I removed the two Mekaniak Repair Krew and added an extra Crushface and Weirdboy Maniak. I also changed the Bigtoof Banna for a Promethium Mine.
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This tournament was the sixth and final tournament in our Winter League at Comic Culture & The Games Store (Lincoln, UK).  During the league we have been scoring points based on our final position each tournament and as it stood, it was very close between the top three players.

So I decided to go with old faithful, Nazdreg

.  I was quite happy to use another of the Astra Militarum’s two-cost, two-command units, Iron Guard Recruits, since last time I used Nazdreg these were not available.  Along with Sanctioned Psyker they help give the Orks a semi-decent command presence.

Anyway, onto the decklist!

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