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After the events of Worlds 2014, there’s been a lot of discussion about the meta, with much of it focusing on Packmaster Kith

 (the top performer during Swiss) and Captain Cato Sicarius (the top performer during elims and eventual first/second place winners). This article aims to discuss the matchup between those two decks in greater depth.

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I will get this out the way immediately; Chaos were my favourite faction in the tabletop game.  So it will come as no surprise that ever since The Scourge warpack was previewed I have started thinking about a deck containing Ku’gath.

My early attempts at a Zarathur, High Sorcerer

Chaos deck were full of elite daemons and the games with them seemed to be very dependant on good draws and if Y’varn was in the lineup or not.  This gave me a somewhat unsatisfying experience, so I experimented with other factions and I have been playing Orks as my main deck since.

With the release of The Scourge on the near horizon, I thought it would be time to re-visit Chaos.  I have now played many games of Conquest, including several local tournaments, so I can look at the cards with a more experienced view than when I first read the preview article.

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As most people no doubt have figured out by now, I’m the same Tyler Parrott who went (almost) undefeated at Worlds 2014 Day Two and made it into the finals, to eventually be beat out by Mick Cipra. And while I’ve already written about my Day Two experience in my Worlds Coverage, going undefeated into the finals and then losing both games really kinda deserves its own article. As proud as I was (and am) of making second place, I was blessed and cursed with having my final match streamed and recorded. Even as I had already known that my very first attack had been a mistake, the opportunity to rewatch my final game allowed me to analyze the effect that mistake had on the game. Losing in the finals is rough, even against someone as great as Mick: particularly when you know you could have won if you had played tighter. So I want to spend a brief time talking about something that doesn’t come up often in gaming articles: learning from your mistakes.

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This is the third tournament that my local games store had run for Conquest, but it would be the first in our series of Organized Play events, which meant that there were some nice promo cards up for grabs.

Recently I have been running Orks for our tournaments (some of you may have read my previous tournament report here on TeamSandcrawla, as well as on BoardGameGeek).  Although they are not widely regarded as being strong, I have been having some success with them.  I have been favouring the alliance with Chaos thus far, but for this tournament I decided to go with the Imperial Guard alliance primarily for the control that Suppressive Fire brings, especially against big Chaos units.

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Star Wars Card Adv

I suspect most people reading this have played other card games before, or at least talked to people who have played other card games before. Magic: the Gathering in particular, being the original trading card game, has a huge number of followers and volumes of articles and books written on strategy and card evaluation. One such topic that has been discussed significantly, of which you’ve probably heard, is card advantage.

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