This week Hoop and I go head to head and pit the tactical, resourceful might of Eldar-Tau against the Astra Ork Militarum. Ornery, sloppy, and generally foul mouthed (but not really crude, at least we can say that) with some rules bickering (that’s us, we’re learning!), the stream is rated R. (What else would you expect.)

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One of the more successful builds I’ve run centers around the Astra Militarium. With a great balance of Event cards and aggressive units, the faction is a nicely competitive romp when going after planets. Considering the supremely nice effect that Stracken gives Warriors and Soldiers, it was a natural choice to pair it with the neighboring faction that would just increase that benefit.


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I’m excited to say that added to our games coverage here at Team Sandcrawla is Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG! Grabbing a couple early copies at GenCon, Flava Dave and I have been playtesting some different builds. So we look forward to showcasing some of our playtesting results on this FANTASTIC new game, set to come out in the next few weeks, by September’s end.

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Not shaking up the meta anytime soon, Darkness and Light brings a splash of color to an already-stained meta. I hate that previous sentence, I think. Shudder. Nevertheless, Nationals last week has shown victories are skewed in favor of the Light Side 2:1. Cunning players rode their Dark decks to victory, with Sith/Scum varieties being piloted to the top. There was little to no Light Side diversity, with Dark decks being all over the map, as many had foreseen.

So what does D & L bring to the table? Let’s squawk about it.

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