TSC wants your tournament result decklists for WH40KC!  Senders can include a write up of the event which can be posted with the results.  Full credit will be given to any contributors sending in tournament details.

Send your lists to : mossberg@teamsandcrawla.net

Please place Event Results – {Event Title} – {Country/Region/City} in your subject line. Please also include, if you can, the number of participants. Looking forward to your submissions!

Star Wars Worlds

Welcome to the World Championships

Here I’m going to be providing text coverage of the World Championships to the best of my ability, updated as often as completely as possible. For the most recently-updated tournament standings and records, follow the Team Sandcrawla Twitter account, @TeamSandcrawla. As the day continues, this post will be updated with new titles and content, so be sure to check back regularly. I hope to do some features on the decks that are featuring prominently at the event, as well as the personalities who make Day Two, so the community has a better idea of who is competing at the event and what strategies are represented. Watch this channel for updates starting Thursday morning!

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In a very exciting announcement at Worlds this week, FFG has addressed the ever-growing card pool of LCGs and how they threaten to alienate new players and retailers from entry.

Now, when a LCG hits its 8th cycle, the first 2 active cycles will drop from competitive play eligibility, with Rotation that essentially mimicks what Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon have done for years.

This is good news for several reasons, which we will talk about in an upcoming podcast.


Here’s a recording of the live stream from 8PM EST tonight.

Torquemada (wonder if he hates his parents for that name) is an interesting cat, indeed. I have to say that Hoop got a major jump on me partly due to the 8/8 that Torque boasts, as well as a flood of Psykers. To defeat Eldar – or any Faction, for that matter – you need that kind of start.

Obviously the card pool is going to be a little different come the time that Torque’s Sig Squad is released, but at least it gets you an idea of how he sets up and the combos that are possible.

(BTW, @30:45 attacked by my son to read a bedtime story!! Haha. No, I don’t edit that stuff out. Makes us more REAL!!!!

And yes, I did read him a bedtime story after the stream. What kinda Dad d’ya think I am??)

Enjoy the stream!


People want Orks to be Tier 1. The low-hanging fruit right now is Marines and Eldar/Dark Eldar, but I’m hopeful that there are lists to be discovered that have yet to make an impact.

Orks are cool.

Man, I want Orks to be Tier 1. It’s kinda like my drive for Scum to be competitive at a high level in SWLCG.

I’m not entirely sure what it is; maybe it’s the same sort of Ork appeal that exists in a game like World of Warcraft – “ME SMASH!” just sounds so good, I mean who doesn’t want to go through life slinging Hulk-speak? I think I might go to work Monday and devote the day to Hulk-speak only. At any rate, the Ork-Warrior-Spellcaster fashion is en vogue, and I certainly love the Ork theme in WH40K.

I also like the style of the deck – Pain Aggro, hurt yourself for maximum benefit. No, I’m not a sado-massochist.

Anyway, let’s gander at an experimental list to kick off our search for THE Ork deck.

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