(Art by Pierre Loyvet, see his work here)

This was our fifth and final tournament in our Spring League and my choice of faction was limited to Eldar, Dark Eldar and Astra Militarum (in our league system you cannot use the same faction more than once). I decided to go with Eldar and Eldorath Starbane

. I could not use Baharroth as Descendants of Isha is not yet out in the UK.

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Rogue Squad Header

Anyone who knows me is well-familiar with the fact that I like Rebels. I like quick decisive games, I like to punish people who get too greedy or durdly, I like swarms of small units cooperating to take down larger targets… and I like the Rebel Alliance. When I first started the game, my first deck was a mono-Rebel “Mobilize the Squadrons” deck that tried to swarm my opponent with four Rebel Assaults and use the Core Set tricks to punch through an advantage. Then, in last year’s Regionals, I played the Hoth Speeder deck with General Rieekan (and Snowspeeder Counterattack

) and made top 8 with it even though Along the Gamor Run and The Flight of the Crow had just come out. So now that Rogue Squadron Assault is out, you bet I’m going to play Rebels again. And the interesting thing is that they’re really good.

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Seer’s Exodus

is a card that many of you have probably put straight into your binder/storage box since it’s release in The Threat Beyond. It’s a card whose sole purpose is to help your units run away. “Why would I want to play a card that weakens my ability to win battles?” you might ask. That is the question that I am going to try and answer.

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There has been some discussion lately both locally and on the interweb about the fairness of Ksi’m’yen Orbital City

. As with any new card in practically any card game, it is deemed either ‘insanely broken’ or ‘unplayable trash’ shortly after it’s release. As time goes on people start to form more objective opinions about the effectiveness of cards, but it is always amusing to see the initial polarised hyperbole-laden viewpoints of the community.

In this article I thought that I would have a look at the card that might currently have some of your playerbase up in arms, to see if I could reach a conclusion about it’s overall balance.

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Seven of us from my locals decided to make the trip to Guys That Game in Stoke for the regional tournament they were hosting. It was about a two-hour car journey, so well within easy travelling distance.

The journey to Stoke was more eventful than expected. From a random homeless man wandering into the road, heedless of oncoming traffic, in order to shout and gesticulate at someone further down the street; to a car wheel bouncing comically-high in the opposite direction to us, shortly followed by a now three-wheeled vehicle. Fun times.

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Moss B on the communique.

We don’t do many “top” posts here. Let’s change that. I’d like to list the ten cards I feel are the most influential in the Warhammer 40K Conquest LCG meta game right now. As cycles continue, I’d also like to update this posting as new War Packs become available.

I’d also like a continual discussion to take place in the comments thread as to what you all feel is making the most impact right now, and as arguments are made and won, we can update the post accordingly. I’d also like to hear ideas as far as card combos with cards from the list, as well as strategies in dealing with them. Your thoughts are welcome.

These are not ranked and in no particular order. Let’s get started!

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