Moss here. Holy Mynock balls.

If you’ve held out reservations, this may very well shatter them. So much right going on here, from the sense of scope, to the reverence when presenting the glimpses of the classic characters.

A robotic hand on a familiar face brought a god-dang tear to me eye….

December absolutely cannot get here fast enough.

If you can, let me know what you think in the comments. I’m curious as to what you fellow SW nerds are feeling on this one!


For this tournament I decided to use one of my favourite warlords, Nazdreg

. With the recent release of The Threat Beyond, there were several interesting additions to the card pool. All three of the new Ork cards seemed worthy of a spot in my Nazdreg deck (Snakebite Thug, Evil Sunz Warbiker and Mork’s Great Heap).

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MoSS B here.

Comin’ at you with my new format – I’ll be doing down and dirty, quick deck breakdown videos of lists we run here at TSC and tournament winning decklists from here at the site and abroad. Eldar/Dark Eldar is pretty strong still, and is first up. As always let me know what you guys think and feel free to flame me on any of my opinions that I throw out in the vids in the comments below!


Now that we’ve reached the end of March, we’re nearing the end of the Store Championship season and the Between the Shadows metagame has passed. There’s still about a month to go before we start attending Regionals, but thanks to the folks at CardgameDB we have access to a lot of decklists from the winners of the store championships that have happened so far this year. After copying down all the decklists for what was reported from each Store Championship featured in the forums (capping it at Top 4 or 8 as appropriate), I’ve run the numbers to see what were the most popular and most dominant decks and objective sets over the past three months. If this is the kind of thing that interests you, stick around!

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Imperial Navy

We interrupt your daily routine today to bring you a message from the Emperor, transcribed earlier today at the official ceremony celebrating the newest hero of the Empire. These honors are not given lightly, having been earned by years of dedication to the Emperor’s service. However, in light of the recent kidnapping attempt on his majesty, this hero’s efforts must be rewarded. So take a moment and attend to the Emperor’s message honoring the newest Imperial Ace pilot, Maarek Stele.

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It’s that time again, so I won’t waste space with a preamble. You came here for cards!

Rogue Squadron Assault (Pod 141)

Rogue Squadron Assault - 141-01

This objective set is going to do a lot for Rebel vehicles. It gives you some pretty reliable card draw on the objective, it gives you shockingly good units, a cute combo to try to pull off with “Hobbie,” and a non-limited resource. Everything about this set is desirable to me (being a Rebel player), and it even comes with two fantastic vehicles for Attack Pattern Delta


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