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People want Orks to be Tier 1. The low-hanging fruit right now is Marines and Eldar/Dark Eldar, but I’m hopeful that there are lists to be discovered that have yet to make an impact.

Orks are cool.

Man, I want Orks to be Tier 1. It’s kinda like my drive for Scum to be competitive at a high level in SWLCG.

I’m not entirely sure what it is; maybe it’s the same sort of Ork appeal that exists in a game like World of Warcraft – “ME SMASH!” just sounds so good, I mean who doesn’t want to go through life slinging Hulk-speak? I think I might go to work Monday and devote the day to Hulk-speak only. At any rate, the Ork-Warrior-Spellcaster fashion is en vogue, and I certainly love the Ork theme in WH40K.

I also like the style of the deck – Pain Aggro, hurt yourself for maximum benefit. No, I’m not a sado-massochist.

Anyway, let’s gander at an experimental list to kick off our search for THE Ork deck.

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Dark Eldar and I go way back. My best friend during my early tabletop days ran them with ruthless efficiency and I was always in awe of their speed and surgical strike capabilities. However, they were always a glass cannon force; a few wrong moves here and there and the army can shrivel in strength in no time.  My current favorite build with Dark Eldar seems to mirror their versatile and tactically controlling yet fragile nature.

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Exploratory TIEs

As I ran out of room in my last article, I now want to bring up a couple more “just below Tier-1″ decks I’ve been tinkering with as experiments, even if only to see how new pods from Darkness and Light work out. You’ll notice that both of today’s decks revolve around new pods from that set, and while I’m less familiar with these than with the decks from last week, they’ve illustrated that they definitely have some teeth. So let’s get into it!

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So with the game hitting stores last week and (about) two months of playtesting under our belts since GenCon, we can start forming a few impressions on the infant meta for this game. Everyone has their opinions (and right now they may or may not be all valid) and their experiences to draw upon, but one thing is certain:

I don’t think there is a silver bullet deck list in this game, and I really like that notion. Sure there are inherently strong factions and allies. That’s gonna happen and with only 180ish cards, you gotta accept that. The good thing is that when factions complement each other that’s really where 40k deck building shines, a la Netrunner.

Let’s take a look at some deck build trends and briefly examine why we think they are strong.

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As I’m sure most readers are aware, Star Wars: the Card Game is in kind of a funk right now. We had a strong Nationals attendance, but with the final Force Pack of this cycle bringing very little to shake up the metagame, the best decks of the format are a known quantity. Few would argue a claim that the Gamor Jedi “Force Lock” deck is the best light side deck, and there are precious few dark side decks that even stand a chance against it. With only a few such decks even in the running for Tier 1, competitive testing and play hasn’t gotten much attention lately, and this has begun trickling down into the casual scenes. The metagame, at the moment, feels solved.

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I feel like the first few games of Conquest can be very enjoyable but confusing for new players. Though the rules of the game are relatively easy to pickup, there is a deep sense of strategy that takes a lot of skill to master. With that in mind, let’s focus on the first turn of the game which I feel is extremely important:  I’ll be going over some notes in this article to give some advice on this crucial point in the game.

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