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warhammer conquest game of berkeley

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the 2016 Store Championships for multiple reasons:

1.) This is the first year my work schedule has permitted me to attend tournaments on a regularly.
2.) Warhammer Conquest is in a fantastic state right now, and almost all of the warlords are viable.
3.) I’m hoopjoooooooooooones.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the preparation and results of the event.

(Btw, many thanks to Games of Berkeley for hosting the event.

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Just take a look at this insanity.

If one were to describe it…what you see here is the state of awesome-sauce that Conquest lives in right now. You’re looking at a snap shot of my Ragnar deck vs Coteaz. This battle was barely won the battle with a bloodied Ragnar at HQ, with a , and a surviving the endless swarm of Guardsman tokens. Props to my opponent for giving me a great match.

Warhammer 40k Conquest: Deadly Salvage is on it’s way!

warhammer conquest ork russ

I just received a confirmation that Deadly Salvage will soon be in my hands. YIPEEEEEE!

If you’re interested in checking out a preview of the new Ork Warlord, check out this Gorzod playtest video collaboration between Teamsandcrawla and The Hive Tyrant


(P.s. Hooray for speedy releases!)


Warhammer 40k Conquest: Are We Entering a Toolbox Meta?

It should come as no surprise that as we advance into the 2016 Warhammer 40k Conquest Store Championship season, deck testing and play testing is at a heightened state. With the power creep of the Planetfall cycle in full swing, I’ve seen a massive shift in the strength of established warlords (and their top tier cards) that has given me a new outlook on deckbuilding. Are we entering a phase of a toolbox meta where every warlord is cutting corners to compensate for the new normal?

Hoop believes.

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Warlord Spotlight: Weekend at Torqeuy’s.

Yes, It’s me again, good ol’ hoopy jaloop doop jones. After a bit of a hiatus (aka #boatgate2.0)  and with a lack of truly meta shifting cards from The Great Devourer, I’ve been having fun with “lol fun tier 1.5” warlords that I have been meaning to playtest. I felt like it was time to dive back into the game again with a Warlord who is not discussed very often these days: Colonel Coathanger Torquenada. Or something like that.

When Coatslang Tornado was first spoiled, woo boy did I hate on this guy bad. In some ways, I still sort of hate on him bad, but after some massive research and games under my belt, my opinion has definitely changed. Do I think he is t1? Eh…not exactly. Can he give t1 decks a run for the money? Definitely.

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Is Gleeful Plague Beast better than the Vicious Bloodletter? Yes. Yes it is.

I’ve been thinking that Chaos is borderline tier 1 for a bit now, and I feel that [content_tooltip id=”4176″] finally puts them up to snuff against the current heavy hitters. While I’ve been a fan of the [content_tooltip id=”2672″ title=”WH40KC – Vicious Bloodletter”] since the core came out, they always had big issues: there are many ways to stop them before they are able to strike. The newly released plague beast has many clear and distinct advantages compared to the ol’ Bloodletters that I may end up dropping the Khorne Daemons altogether.

Let’s look at the situations that favor each. Keep in mind, I do realize dealing 1 damage to your own units *can* be bad, but I generally think dealing 2 to your opponent and one to yourself is a great trade off (ala [content_tooltip id=”2683″ title=”WH40KC – Ork Kannon”])

A last note I will make is that I am basing this decision while using [content_tooltip id=”2655″ title=”WH40KC – Zarathur, High Sorcerer”] due to the extra damage boost.

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Looking Ahead Warlord Edition: Urien Trouble, Bro.

One note from my article about [content_tooltip id=”4038″ title=”WH40KC – Baharroth”] was that although I enjoyed having a mobile warlord, the rest of the build seemed like it required cookie cutter Eldar choices to ensure a strong combat presence…at least until we receive some better targets for [content_tooltip id=”3947″ title=”WH40KC – Death From Above”]. One of the trickiest elements of future playtesting is you are only given a small glance at the whole card pool before that Warlord is available.

When he was first spoiled, I was completely disinterested with Urien…especially compared to Packmaster Kith. [content_tooltip id=”4075″] did not look very scary, and the signature squad didn’t have a command icon. However, multiple new cards have been spoiled since that time. Inspired by last week’s Baharroth testing, I thought about how I could build a deck with the next Dark Eldar warlord. The options were inspiring and surprisingly vast; there are so many solid card choices one can choose from, and multiple core set cards which were previously mediocre became amazing. [content_tooltip id=”4077″] anyone?

Well, after multiple games with the big bad torturer, I can safely say that he brings a whole new meaning to “choke” and some crazy powerful combat options that Kith does not have. Get ready for a new type of conquest deck: Event Control. Another shoutout to Sean for playtesting with me this week.
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Looking Ahead Warlord Edition: Baharroth n’ Friends

At first glance, I was both excited and worried about [content_tooltip id=”4038″ title=”WH40KC – Baharroth”]; the signature squad is quite weak compared to Starbane’s council, but I was excited about being able to deal two damage with an Eldar Warlord. Furthermore, I believe Mobile is a very strong keyword that helps in command and then in battle . Overall though, he seemed very fun to use and my playtesting definitely showed potential. The best part is that like Aun’Shi, Baharroth has a unique playstyle that isn’t mirrored by any other warlord..except..strangely enough, Eldorath.

Huh? You didn’t know that FFG spoiled the new Eldar warlord and his signature cards?

Well, they did..but apparently they deleted the news posting and it’s no longer on their site.

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Tournament Report (hoopjones exclusive!) Games of Berkeley 2/15/15


After much deliberation and practice, I decided to run Eldorath with DE allies at our local winter tournament this weekend. I won some, I lost some, and at the end of the day I had a better appreciation for Eldar deckbuilding and strategy.

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