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More Stormtroopers Than You Can Shake a Stick At

One of the things I like most about IA is the sheer amount of diversity in competitive lists. Oh sure, you have your staples – you might see few Rebel lists without
this guy
this fool
, but for the most part there’s a lot of wiggle room in what you can run and be successful. I’ve been able to run a Stormtrooper list that I really dig:

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The Lament of the Light Side, Part I: Jedi

Luke Skywalker getting his shit wrecked

FFG, please… meeeeee……

After weeks of trying various Light Side builds, let me share my decks and off the cuff thoughts.

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SWLCG Deckbuilder

Deckbuilder screenshot

Pleased to announce the beta of our SWLCG deckbuilder!

Before you begin, be sure to read the FAQ.

Deckbuilder FAQ

Jedi Farming Guide – Preparing for Grand Master Yoda

Not rules of thumbs by any means, but I’ve droned on at the screen while doing my daily Jedi farming in the hopes that you’ll benefit from a few strategies inside.

Let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see from more videos!


Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Ahsoka Tano


Since the new update hit this week, let’s start shifting our focus to Jedi that you might be after, now that the hunt for Yoda is on.

First up: Ahsoka Tano.

Ahsoka Tano

Light, Jedi, Attacker

Energetic Slash
Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 55% chance to recover 15% of her max health.
Energetic Slash (Basic)
Protective Maneuver
Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If the attack is a Critical Hit then all friendly characters are healed for 20% of this character’s Maximum health.
Protective Maneuver (Special)
Quick Steps
Jedi and Nightsister allies gain 14% Evasion. Ahsoka Tano gains 25% Turn Meter whenever she Evades an attack.
Quick Steps (Leader)
Daring Padawan
Ahsoka Tano gains 9% Max health for each living ally. In addition she gains Evasion Up for 3 turns whenever an enemy is defeated.
Daring Padawan (Unique)
Attacker with self healing, group healing, and stacking hit point and dodge buffs.

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes 0.3.0 February Update with Grand Master Yoda

The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes 0.3.0 Feburary Update is here, and with it brings Yoda and Captain Rex!

See the official forums here for details. In case you missed the trailer featuring Yoda:

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