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The Lament of the Light Side, Part I: Jedi

Luke Skywalker getting his shit wrecked

FFG, please… meeeeee……

After weeks of trying various Light Side builds, let me share my decks and off the cuff thoughts.

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SWLCG Deckbuilder

Deckbuilder screenshot

Pleased to announce the beta of our SWLCG deckbuilder!

Before you begin, be sure to read the FAQ.

Deckbuilder FAQ

Off-Deck Meta Spotlight #1

Off Deck Meta Spotlight the pit
Hello readers of the Sandcrawla. Today I’ll briefly cover
The Spice Trade
objective set, and then go over a deck list that will include it.

My name is Micah (although I often go by chiller087 on many forums, including cardgamedb). I was invited to put some of my thoughts of Star Wars LCG into digital print by the gracious Dav and Hoop. After giving it some thought, I decided I wanted to do a series of articles to highlight some off-meta decks that have shown some (sometimes a lot of) success in our area, but are perhaps not as free-flowing as current top-tier Jedi lists or well structured Navy builds.

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swlcg cracken
Recently, to celebrate Store Championship season, the forum community ran an online tournament, so the players who didn’t have local communities could still get the experience of competing in an event without having to travel hours to get there. It was cool to see the event play out, and gave us some particularly interesting deck innovations that went beyond any particular local metagame.

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warhammer conquest game of berkeley

I’ve been eagerly awaiting the 2016 Store Championships for multiple reasons:

1.) This is the first year my work schedule has permitted me to attend tournaments on a regularly.
2.) Warhammer Conquest is in a fantastic state right now, and almost all of the warlords are viable.
3.) I’m hoopjoooooooooooones.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the preparation and results of the event.

(Btw, many thanks to Games of Berkeley for hosting the event.

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Playing For Theme: Heir to the Empire

As a regular reader of my articles, you might think that Star Wars: the Card Game is all about small, nuts-and-bolts decisions and maximizing value for winning tournaments, but that’s not entirely true. Yes, this game is the only game I’ve enjoyed competing in, as all the minute deckbuilding and in-game decisions allow for a fascinating and very rewarding competitive experience, but this is also one of my favorite games because it’s fun. And because it’s Star Wars! So in the spirit of not always playing to win, I want to make some decks that focus on those two very important aspects of the game: fun and theme.

And because I just re-read Heir to the Empire, we’re going to make some theme decks based on Timothy Zann’s excellent novel.

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Warhammer 40k Conquest: Are We Entering a Toolbox Meta?

It should come as no surprise that as we advance into the 2016 Warhammer 40k Conquest Store Championship season, deck testing and play testing is at a heightened state. With the power creep of the Planetfall cycle in full swing, I’ve seen a massive shift in the strength of established warlords (and their top tier cards) that has given me a new outlook on deckbuilding. Are we entering a phase of a toolbox meta where every warlord is cutting corners to compensate for the new normal?

Hoop believes.

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Smugglers Strike Back!

A couple weeks ago, a major bomb was dropped on the community in the form of a new FAQ (pdf). However, unlike the previous FAQ updates, this one was actually more like a pinata of joy! Ever since [content_tooltip id=”4105″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – May the Force Be With You”] and [content_tooltip id=”4102″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – The Master’s Domain”] were put on the restricted list, players have been begging FFG to change the way the restricted list works to allow pods to be played alongside one another that are on the restricted list for different reasons. For example, [content_tooltip id=”2742″ title=”SWLCG – OBJ – Against All Odds”] and [content_tooltip id=”6435″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – The False Report”] were put on the restricted list because the combination of those objective sets was simply too strong for the game to handle, and allowed for turn-one light side wins that the dark side player could do nothing to stop. The two Yoda sets were likewise restricted because the ability to play [content_tooltip id=”356″ title=”SWLCG – Event – Yoda, You Seek Yoda”] and reliably get [content_tooltip id=”3785″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Yoda (Shadows)”] into play very early in every game and use him multiple times with May the Force Be With You was simply too oppressive for the dark side to keep up with. However, not being able to play May the Force Be With you to support a Dash-based Smuggler deck, and not being able to splash Freeholders into a Jedi deck, was very off-putting to many people. And then things got far worse when another turn-one combo deck was restricted ([content_tooltip id=”6125″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – That Bucket o’ Bolts”] and [content_tooltip id=”4771″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – Rogue Squadron Assault”]), putting [content_tooltip id=”6130″ title=”SWLCG – Event – Well Paid”] and [content_tooltip id=”2749″ title=”SWLCG – Event – Holding All the Cards”] on the restricted list together and inadvertently shutting down another deck that could have had legs.

However, with some smarter errata’s (Well Paid is now Deploy Phase only) and making the Restricted List operate in groups as players long requested, the Yellow faction that dominated the early part of the game has finally gotten its chance to return to the spotlight and remind the Rebel Alliance and the Jedi why it was so darn good in the first place.

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Deckbuilding Objectives

Happy New Year! Over the summer, a thread on the CardgameDB forums popped up suggesting the community assemble a “strategy guide” for people who want to play Star Wars: the Card Game. The idea, as pitched, was that it would be a series of articles that gave insight into each aspect of the game, from deckbuilding to resource management to how to prioritize conflicts, edge battles, and the Force struggle. As this sounded a lot like the kind of articles that I aspire to write here on TeamSandcrawla, it only makes sense that I’d want to contribute! However, expansions come fast and often in this game so I’ve had to wait until now to have the chance to get an article in to contribute to the project. After writing a short piece on what to consider when adding resources to your deck, I figured the best place for me to start was with deckbuilding, because deckbuilding in this game is dramatically different from any other game. When building a deck for the first time, I never analyze these topics with this amount of thoroughness, as I find it more helpful to get the deck on the table and just start playtesting. However, going deep on these topics as I do here is something that is worth doing either if aggressive playtesting isn’t an option or if you’re planning on going to a major tournament and want your deck perfected. Still, even if you don’t sit down and consider the minutae of resources or affiliation matches when you’re first building your deck, these are things worth knowing when you get started with a new stack of cards.

Finally, before we get in, this is only a fraction of the topics that could potentially be considered in deckbuilding. I wanted to start with the most important ones, and then write a few follow-ups in the coming months with more ancillary deckbuilding concerns.

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Warlord Spotlight: Weekend at Torqeuy’s.

Yes, It’s me again, good ol’ hoopy jaloop doop jones. After a bit of a hiatus (aka #boatgate2.0)  and with a lack of truly meta shifting cards from The Great Devourer, I’ve been having fun with “lol fun tier 1.5” warlords that I have been meaning to playtest. I felt like it was time to dive back into the game again with a Warlord who is not discussed very often these days: Colonel Coathanger Torquenada. Or something like that.

When Coatslang Tornado was first spoiled, woo boy did I hate on this guy bad. In some ways, I still sort of hate on him bad, but after some massive research and games under my belt, my opinion has definitely changed. Do I think he is t1? Eh…not exactly. Can he give t1 decks a run for the money? Definitely.

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