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Team Sandcrawla To Produce Fan-Designed SWLCG Content

For the content that could never make it to the real game, Team Sandcrawla plans to produce custom card expansions for Star Wars: the Card Game for use in casual play and special non-sanctioned events.
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Announcing the first fan-created Deluxe Expansion for Star Wars: The Card Game!

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Tom Melucci Takes The Title!

Tom Melucci Takes the Title!

Welcome back to the Star Wars: the Card Game World Championship coverage! Once again I managed to fight my way into the top cut, and while I didn’t make it as far on day two as last year, my friend and teammate Tom Melucci was able to crush all his opposition (including me!) on his road to the finals, where he overran the Sith Characters that his opponent David Tietze brought to bear. Congratulations Tom!

Just like last year I intend to provide as close to live coverage of the event as I can. This year I’ve assembled a Twitter List to keep up with alongside the account where I’ll be posting moment-to-moment updates (@TeamSandcrawla), which you can see below. As the tournament progresses, I’ll be updating this page to keep track of who’s doing well and how the tournament is progressing, with larger updates between each day. Keep your eyes here for the quick updates, watch the Twitter feed and check out the tournament standings. And when the top cut arrives on Friday, FFGLive will be streaming most of the top cut live! It starts at 2:30 central time and goes until the tournament is over. It’s looking like it’ll be a great event!

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FFG State of the Union – Rotating and the Tournament Card Pool

In a very exciting announcement at Worlds this week, FFG has addressed the ever-growing card pool of LCGs and how they threaten to alienate new players and retailers from entry.

Now, when a LCG hits its 8th cycle, the first 2 active cycles will drop from competitive play eligibility, with Rotation that essentially mimicks what Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon have done for years.

This is good news for several reasons, which we will talk about in an upcoming podcast.



WH40KC Winter 2015 SC Swag

The Store Championship Kit for WH40KC has been announced! Check out the swag – me wants that Leman Russ super bad. Full bleed, homie.

Check out the post at FFG!

Star Wars World Championship Preview

It’s now November, which means casual competition is over and the best players of all the Fantasy Flight competitive games have come together at the company headquarters to win the biggest tournament of the year. Over the course of the weeks and months leading up to this moment, the competitors have been hard at work sleeving up the cards from the most recent expansion, bringing what had previously been understood about the metagame against a new powerhouse arriving in the Imperial Navy. No single release has been as exciting and impactful as Imperial Entanglements, meaning that those players who wish to vy for the title of World Champion have had a lot to learn with the new cards. Prior to the release of the deluxe expansion, a variety of Jedi decks had proved to be dominant, with Rebels a viable dark horse when the metagame was ruled by Sith and Scum combinations. And on top of the release of a host of interesting new cards, the most recent FAQ has negated two deck archetypes that might otherwise have appeared, whether they would have won the event or not. But now that the card pool has finally started growing into a healthy diversity, there’s no obvious answer as to which deck is the strongest. This is a brilliant time for the game, with tournament-quality decks in all (well, almost all…) of the affiliations. To get you as up-to-date on what I expect will happen at Worlds, I’m going to share the results of our testing with you to give you an idea of what’s hot and what’s not.

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