Articles containing game spoilers! Be warned!

Thinking On Challenges

We meet again! With the summer winding down and school back in swing, it’s time to catch up on all the articles in the queue… starting with three(?!) set reviews, with a Force Pack and a hugely-important Deluxe Expansion having just released (or having been pre-released at GenCon). Those will follow the article I started writing a bit ago and still want to get out, but first I have a preview article to follow up on! My last post was a preview of an objective set from the upcoming Imperial Entanglements, and in it I included a number of Challenges, three of which were intended to get you thinking about live gamestates, while the last one provided a more traditional “guaranteed win” puzzle to solve. I hope they were enjoyed! As originally stated, I’m going to provide a quick run-down on each of the challenges to provide my opinion, for you to compare to your own.

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Special FFG Gift: Jedi Art!

Hey guys, checking in to say that we here at Team Sandcrawla were gifted with some really cool Jedi art, and I wanted to show it off in its full glory. Enjoy!

Mysteries of the Rim

Outer Rim Mystic

Niman Training

Force Illusion

I hope this was as cool for you guys as it was for me! Join me later this week (hopefully) when I discuss the effect that Qu Rahn and his Survivors have had on the metagame.

~Dav Flamerock

Gameplay Video: Black Market Interceptors

This is a special video I’ve been looking forward to uploading, so I hope you enjoy! I do apologize for how fast I’m talking in this one–I was trying to fit a lot of commentary in without having to slow the video down at all. Still working out this new format!

If you’re interested in reading a little more about the game, I’ve written some words on it here.

Important Message From The Emperor

We interrupt your daily routine today to bring you a message from the Emperor, transcribed earlier today at the official ceremony celebrating the newest hero of the Empire. These honors are not given lightly, having been earned by years of dedication to the Emperor’s service. However, in light of the recent kidnapping attempt on his majesty, this hero’s efforts must be rewarded. So take a moment and attend to the Emperor’s message honoring the newest Imperial Ace pilot, Maarek Stele.

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Looking Ahead: Staging Ground


With Zogwort’s Curse on the near horizon, I thought it was about time that I had talked about some of the spoilers. The first card I am going to discuss is Staging Ground, as spoiled by Team Covenant.

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From the Hip: Darkness and Light


Not shaking up the meta anytime soon, Darkness and Light brings a splash of color to an already-stained meta. I hate that previous sentence, I think. Shudder. Nevertheless, Nationals last week has shown victories are skewed in favor of the Light Side 2:1. Cunning players rode their Dark decks to victory, with Sith/Scum varieties being piloted to the top. There was little to no Light Side diversity, with Dark decks being all over the map, as many had foreseen.

So what does D & L bring to the table? Let’s squawk about it.

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Fourth Challenge: A Jedi’s Victory

And now we come to it… the fourth and final challenge! Greater rewards and greater challenges await, and this time we arrive near the end of the game. With the Death Star Dial at nine, one light side objective already down, and an armed Slave One in play capable of destroying your final objective, you need to either take that ship and it’s pilot out (for good this time) or win the game on the spot. Given that Boba Fett and Slave One (aided by the Slimiest Scheme and Masterful Manipulation) have been running rampant over your entire board state, both damaged objectives have juicy targets for rescuing, and you happened to remember which units went where. However, you have only one objective killed and need to get two targets dead if you want to win this turn. Fortunately, your opponent has only two cards in their hand, and both discard piles are filled with important information. Can you break through the Scum stonewalls and get the job done?

Your Hand:

By this point in the game, you’ve figured out your opponent’s entire decklist, as well as (obviously) your own. The decklists are:

2x [content_tooltip id=”4620″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – Masterful Manipulation”]
2x [content_tooltip id=”5734″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – The Hunter’s Flight”]
1x [content_tooltip id=”128″ title=”SWLCG – OBJ – The Findsman’s Intuition”]
1x [content_tooltip id=”122″ title=”SWLCG – OBJ – The Slave Trade”]
1x [content_tooltip id=”627″ title=”SWLCG – OBJ – The Tatooine Crash”]
1x [content_tooltip id=”5752″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – Nar Shaddaa Drift”]
1x [content_tooltip id=”3758″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – All Out Brawl”]
1x [content_tooltip id=”3709″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – The Slimiest Scheme”]

2x [content_tooltip id=”4105″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – May the Force Be With You”]
2x [content_tooltip id=”4618″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – A Hero’s Trial”]
2x [content_tooltip id=”116″ title=”SWLCG – OBJ – Asteroid Sanctuary”]
1x [content_tooltip id=”5448″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – The Survivors”]
1x [content_tooltip id=”5698″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – Mysteries of the Rim”]
1x [content_tooltip id=”67″ title=”SWLCG – OBJ – Along The Gamor Run”]
1x [content_tooltip id=”76″ title=”SWLCG – OBJ – The Secret of Yavin 4″]

Your opponent’s play area consists of [content_tooltip id=”3709″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – The Slimiest Scheme”] (damaged with [content_tooltip id=”4635″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Yoda (JUoD)”] & [content_tooltip id=”3817″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Luke Skywalker (Shadows)”] captured beneath), [content_tooltip id=”5734″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – The Hunter’s Flight”] (damaged twice with [content_tooltip id=”4635″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Yoda (JUoD)”] & [content_tooltip id=”3784″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Speeder Bike”] captured beneath), [content_tooltip id=”4620″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – Masterful Manipulation”], [content_tooltip id=”5735″ title=”SWLCG – Enhancement – Black Market Exchange”], [content_tooltip id=”5753″ title=”SWLCG – Enhancement – Slaver Holding Cells”], two [content_tooltip id=”3676″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Debt Collector”]s, a [content_tooltip id=”1201″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Galactic Scum”], and [content_tooltip id=”5755″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Slave One (Pilot)”] (with [content_tooltip id=”5757″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Boba Fett (Pilot)”] piloting), all focused out. They have no resources available and two cards in hand. Their three ready units are [content_tooltip id=”4619″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Prince Xizor”] (damaged and committed), [content_tooltip id=”5763″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Zekka Thyne”], and a [content_tooltip id=”5759″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Racing Swoop”].

Your play area consists of the Smugglers Affiliation, [content_tooltip id=”5448″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – The Survivors”] (damaged thrice), [content_tooltip id=”4105″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – May the Force Be With You”] (damaged), [content_tooltip id=”5698″ title=”SWLCG – Objective – Mysteries of the Rim”] (damaged), [content_tooltip id=”243″ title=”SWLCG – Enhancement – Dagobah Training Grounds”], [content_tooltip id=”5766″ title=”SWLCG – Enhancement – Cloud City Guest Quarters”], [content_tooltip id=”2764″ title=”SWLCG – Enhancement – Deneba Refueling Station”], [content_tooltip id=”5449″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Qu Rahn”] with [content_tooltip id=”5702″ title=”SWLCG – Enhancement – Niman Training”] (damaged twice), [content_tooltip id=”5708″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Dagobah Nudj”] (committed), [content_tooltip id=”614″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Guardian of Peace”] (damaged), [content_tooltip id=”5704″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Outer Rim Mystic”] (double focused), and [content_tooltip id=”5710″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Sulon Sympathizer”].

Your hand consists of [content_tooltip id=”2753″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Millennium Falcon”], [content_tooltip id=”5700″ title=”SWLCG – Event – Force Illusion”], [content_tooltip id=”502″ title=”SWLCG – FT – Twist of Fate”], [content_tooltip id=”5702″ title=”SWLCG – Enhancement – Niman Training”], [content_tooltip id=”356″ title=”SWLCG – Event – Yoda, You Seek Yoda”], and [content_tooltip id=”2758″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Cloud City Operative”].

Your discard pile is mostly full, as the game has gone on a long time. It contains [content_tooltip id=”5768″ title=”SWLCG – Enhancement – Luke’s Lightsaber”], your other [content_tooltip id=”2753″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Millennium Falcon”], both [content_tooltip id=”616″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Hired Hands”], your other [content_tooltip id=”5708″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Dagobah Nudj”], [content_tooltip id=”4768″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – C-3PO”], and many fate and enhancement cards (including your other two [content_tooltip id=”502″ title=”SWLCG – FT – Twist of Fate”]s). Your key events, [content_tooltip id=”2756″ title=”SWLCG – Event – Bamboozle”] and [content_tooltip id=”5712″ title=”SWLCG – Event – Force Rejuvenation”], haven’t shown up all game. There are no Yodas to seek.

Your opponent’s discard pile is slightly more full than yours. It includes [content_tooltip id=”5773″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – 4-LOM”], their other [content_tooltip id=”4619″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Prince Xizor”], their only [content_tooltip id=”5770″ title=”SWLCG – Fate – Twist of Fate (Dark)”] and both their [content_tooltip id=”5719″ title=”SWLCG – Fate – The Prince’s Scheme”]s (but only one [content_tooltip id=”4489″ title=”SWLCG – Fate – Stay on Target (Dark)”]), the other [content_tooltip id=”5755″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Slave One (Pilot)”], their [content_tooltip id=”3778″ title=”SWLCG – Fate – Heat of Battle (Dark)”], and a previously-canceled [content_tooltip id=”5774″ title=”SWLCG – Event – Chain Reaction”]. The second [content_tooltip id=”5757″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Boba Fett (Pilot)”], their [content_tooltip id=”5772″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Zuckuss”], and their [content_tooltip id=”5761″ title=”SWLCG – Unit – Race Circuit Champion”] are all still in their hand or deck.

The Death Star Dial is at 9, and the Balance of the Force is with the Dark Side.

Unlike the previous challenges, this one is a puzzle that can be solved with known information. Even given the two unknown cards in your opponent’s hand, you can win in this turn. Can you do it? Discuss this Challenge (and others) on the forums, and I’ll weigh in with my opinion later this week.