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Star Wars The Card Game (SWLCG) by Fantasy Flight Games

Galactic Weaponry

GA Preview
Back in February, the entire contents of the upcoming deluxe expansion, Galactic Ambitions, was spoiled [?leaked] when it was released in Spain. However, now that the English-language release date draws near, it’s time to start thinking about which objective sets are likely to be the most impactful and important.
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Release Review: Press the Attack

Endor pack 5 header

We’re going to press forward towards the end of the cycle, and while the overall power level of this pack is lower than that of previous ones (not that that’s saying much), a standout Scum set and a lot of above-average chuds makes me think this pack could be a big hit among those who like brewing oddball decks that maximize synergy.
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Team Sandcrawla To Produce Fan-Designed SWLCG Content

For the content that could never make it to the real game, Team Sandcrawla plans to produce custom card expansions for Star Wars: the Card Game for use in casual play and special non-sanctioned events.
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Teaching Star Wars

Teaching Star Wars Header
I’ve been thinking a long time on what makes Star Wars: the Card Game so unique and special, and how to teach such a complex game in a way that draws new players in rather than overwhelming them. Hopefully these thoughts are as valuable to you as they’ve been to me.
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Release Review: So Be It

endor pack 4 header

We’ve reached the halfway mark of the Endor Cycle, so things should be ramping up. But how do you top the last Force pack? The answer is with four interesting-but-fair pods and an absolutely bonkers Navy objective set. Everyone except Jedi gets some interesting cards in this expansion, which makes it a solid purchase for really anyone who wants to play fun games of Star Wars: the Card Game. But if Navy is your affiliation of choice, you definitely need to outfit your deck with some Gladiator-class Star Destroyers.

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The Lament of the Light Side, Part I: Jedi

Luke Skywalker getting his shit wrecked

FFG, please… meeeeee……

After weeks of trying various Light Side builds, let me share my decks and off the cuff thoughts.

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SWLCG Deckbuilder

Deckbuilder screenshot

Pleased to announce the beta of our SWLCG deckbuilder!

Before you begin, be sure to read the FAQ.

Deckbuilder FAQ


Announcing the first fan-created Deluxe Expansion for Star Wars: The Card Game!

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Off-Deck Meta Spotlight #1

Off Deck Meta Spotlight the pit
Hello readers of the Sandcrawla. Today I’ll briefly cover
The Spice Trade
objective set, and then go over a deck list that will include it.

My name is Micah (although I often go by chiller087 on many forums, including cardgamedb). I was invited to put some of my thoughts of Star Wars LCG into digital print by the gracious Dav and Hoop. After giving it some thought, I decided I wanted to do a series of articles to highlight some off-meta decks that have shown some (sometimes a lot of) success in our area, but are perhaps not as free-flowing as current top-tier Jedi lists or well structured Navy builds.

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