Library of Team Sandcrawla Videos.


Jedi Farming Guide – Preparing for Grand Master Yoda

Not rules of thumbs by any means, but I’ve droned on at the screen while doing my daily Jedi farming in the hopes that you’ll benefit from a few strategies inside.

Let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see from more videos!


Gameplay Video: Black Market Interceptors

This is a special video I’ve been looking forward to uploading, so I hope you enjoy! I do apologize for how fast I’m talking in this one–I was trying to fit a lot of commentary in without having to slow the video down at all. Still working out this new format!

If you’re interested in reading a little more about the game, I’ve written some words on it here.

Gameplay Video: What a Brawl!

Welcome! This week I’ve got two videos scheduled, so I figured I could release one a couple days early. This time the quality should be a bit better, but I’m also messing with my OBS settings to make the video quality even sharper for future videos. Enjoy!

Gameplay Video: Get Me Home One!

I said I had another video to record commentary for, but I didn’t expect to have the free hour & recording space so soon! This time I’m back, piloting my Scum Maincrushers deck against a Desperate Rebels build. It’s a long and agonizing game, as Maincrushers often are, but it’s fun and interesting and you get to see how the whole deck works! Enjoy!

The Rebel’s Assault!

I know I promised a video, and while I’ve been super busy I finally got a chance to record commentary and get it uploaded. I have another one recorded, so I’m going to try to get some commentary out of it when I get the chance, and then we can see what the Maincrushers have to say. Enjoy!

Gameplay Video: Blastboats Have So Much Blast!

This week I’m posting something different. Instead of an article, I made a gameplay video over the weekend! I’m still experimenting with audio setups so I apologize for the poor volume quality and background noise on this one. The next one will be better!

This is a video featuring me vs one of my teammates from my local meta. I’m running the Talon Karrde deck I’m so fond of (2x Karrde, 2x Home One, 2x Rebel Leia, 2x Han, 2x Chewie) and he’s running his Trooper build (2x Family Connections, 2x Dark Troopers, 2x Motti, 2x Take Them Prisoner, 2x Brawl). It’s a grindy matchup to be sure. I hope the commentary is interesting, and while next week will be another article, you can look forward to more videos coming in the future!

~Dav Flamerock


StreamCrawla #6 – Testing Standard Virizion/Genesect post-Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces was released today!!

While tweaking the Virizion/Genesect that I’ve been running online, I discuss the few choices I made to grease the wheels of the deck a little better in Standard and jump into a Ranked match to test ‘er out.

Enjoy, and as always, let me know your thoughts!



StreamCrawla #5 – Previewing Torquemada Coteaz

Here’s a recording of the live stream from 8PM EST tonight.

Torquemada (wonder if he hates his parents for that name) is an interesting cat, indeed. I have to say that Hoop got a major jump on me partly due to the 8/8 that Torque boasts, as well as a flood of Psykers. To defeat Eldar – or any Faction, for that matter – you need that kind of start.

Obviously the card pool is going to be a little different come the time that Torque’s Sig Squad is released, but at least it gets you an idea of how he sets up and the combos that are possible.

(BTW, @30:45 attacked by my son to read a bedtime story!! Haha. No, I don’t edit that stuff out. Makes us more REAL!!!!

And yes, I did read him a bedtime story after the stream. What kinda Dad d’ya think I am??)

Enjoy the stream!


StreamCrawla #4: Taul’dar v Chaos/Dark Eldar

Eldar be powaaaaaaaaaa.

They are very good. This vid shows exactly what kind of runaway start is possible when Eldar dominates the Command Struggle.