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Tom Melucci Takes The Title!

Tom Melucci Takes the Title!

Top Three!

Welcome back to the Star Wars: the Card Game World Championship coverage! Once again I managed to fight my way into the top cut, and while I didn’t make it as far on day two as last year, my friend and teammate Tom Melucci was able to crush all his opposition (including me!) on his road to the finals, where he overran the Sith Characters that his opponent David Tietze brought to bear. Congratulations Tom!

Just like last year I intend to provide as close to live coverage of the event as I can. This year I’ve assembled a Twitter List to keep up with alongside the account where I’ll be posting moment-to-moment updates (@TeamSandcrawla), which you can see below. As the tournament progresses, I’ll be updating this page to keep track of who’s doing well and how the tournament is progressing, with larger updates between each day. Keep your eyes here for the quick updates, watch the Twitter feed and check out the tournament standings. And when the top cut arrives on Friday, FFGLive will be streaming most of the top cut live! It starts at 2:30 central time and goes until the tournament is over. It’s looking like it’ll be a great event!

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Tournament Report: Regionals @ Comic Culture (Lincoln, UK)


This time the regionals were being held at my local shop, so no two-hour car journey for me, hooray! We were expecting a decent turnout and we were not disappointed; total attendance was twenty-eight.
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Tournament Report: Spring League #5 @ Comic Culture (Lincoln, UK)

(Art by Pierre Loyvet, see his work here)

This was our fifth and final tournament in our Spring League and my choice of faction was limited to Eldar, Dark Eldar and Astra Militarum (in our league system you cannot use the same faction more than once). I decided to go with Eldar and Eldorath Starbane

. I could not use Baharroth as Descendants of Isha is not yet out in the UK.

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Tournament Report: Regionals @ Guys That Game (Stoke, UK)


Seven of us from my locals decided to make the trip to Guys That Game in Stoke for the regional tournament they were hosting. It was about a two-hour car journey, so well within easy travelling distance.

The journey to Stoke was more eventful than expected. From a random homeless man wandering into the road, heedless of oncoming traffic, in order to shout and gesticulate at someone further down the street; to a car wheel bouncing comically-high in the opposite direction to us, shortly followed by a now three-wheeled vehicle. Fun times.

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Tournament Report: Spring League #4 @ Comic Culture (Lincoln, UK)


This was the fourth tournament in our league and my options were down to Space Marines, Eldar, Dark Eldar and Astra Militarum (we are playing with the rule that you may only use a faction once during the league). My friend wanted to borrow a deck and once I had mentioned that Torquemada Coteaz

had been released he jumped on that (he was one of his favourite characters from the tabletop miniatures game), so that further narrowed my options.

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Tournament Report: Spring League #3 @ Comic Culture (Lincoln, UK)


For this tournament I decided to use one of my favourite warlords, Nazdreg

. With the recent release of The Threat Beyond, there were several interesting additions to the card pool. All three of the new Ork cards seemed worthy of a spot in my Nazdreg deck (Snakebite Thug, Evil Sunz Warbiker and Mork’s Great Heap).

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Tournament Results: Spring League #2 @ Comic Culture (Lincoln, UK)


This would usually take the form of a full tournament report, but unfortunately I did not make sufficient notes at the time (tournament was a few weeks ago), so it will just have to be the winning decklist and standings. Sorry!

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Running the Numbers: Store Championships


Now that we’ve reached the end of March, we’re nearing the end of the Store Championship season and the Between the Shadows metagame has passed. There’s still about a month to go before we start attending Regionals, but thanks to the folks at CardgameDB we have access to a lot of decklists from the winners of the store championships that have happened so far this year. After copying down all the decklists for what was reported from each Store Championship featured in the forums (capping it at Top 4 or 8 as appropriate), I’ve run the numbers to see what were the most popular and most dominant decks and objective sets over the past three months. If this is the kind of thing that interests you, stick around!

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Tournament Report: Spring League #1


This tournament was going to be the first of our Spring League tournaments. Players will score points based on where they finish in each individual tournament, then an overall winner will be established at the end of the last week. To add a further change, players are only allowed to enter a tournament with a particular faction once during the league. This change was aimed at encouraging players to make the most out of their collections and try out the majority of the factions.

With the recent release of Zogwort’s Curse there were a few cards that I wanted to try out in a tournament environment. The card at the front of the line was Gleeful Plague Beast (see hoopjones’ article about it for more details). With that in mind, I constructed a Zarathur, High Sorcerer

deck, allied with Orks for cards like Ork Kannon and Ammo Depot.

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TWD: Store Championship, Game Depot (Phoenix, AZ)

Submitted By: MikeMcSomething
Date: 2/21/2015
Players: Not reported

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