4 comments on “Micro Card Looks: The Reawakening

  1. Fatty on said:

    I also find that using it on your own deck can help you set up huge damage from your Give in to your Angers. If you top deck Arden Lyn it will kill basically any unit and give you arden lyn for 1 resource. Usually that’s enough to lock up a game.

    • MoSSBerG
      MoSSBerG on said:

      Agreed, great point – I am a huge fan of that event. A fan of the pod, period, actually!

  2. BrianV on said:

    I recently won a store championship with this set x2, the core 3, and Sate Pestage x2. I usually try to get an Emperor’s Web on the flop to play GITYA for free. Most of the time I use the obj text on my opponent, and can’t agree enough about how powerful it is to get rid of some good cards vs your opponent. I rarely use it on myself unless I really need to try and get good icons for GITYA.

  3. MoSSBerG
    MoSSBerG on said:

    Congrats on your SC, Brian!!!! And thanks for the insight into the pod. If you think about the card ratios – a 2/60 chance to see Core Set Luke or Even a Home One, as an example – and the chance to pluck one of those off the top is a huge advantage.

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