4 comments on “Warhammer Conquest: Skulls for the Skull Throne! (Why Ba’ar Zul is Better Than You Think)

  1. xRAVEx on said:

    thanks for the article!
    I have a remark about Heretic Inventor.
    I noticed, that if you’ve already played the 1st one, the 2nd and 3d are almost useless, as the opponent chooses the same planet, so there is neither additional command win, nor a lot of combat addition, as the opponent simply won’t commit to the planet with 2 HI, unless it’s a victory for me.
    So I’m thinking about cutting them to 1-2 only.

    By the way, how often do you play sig support in your games?
    I’m asking, because considering that SPAs are justified because of their ATK 1…

  2. Kingsley
    Kingsley on said:

    Hi xRAVEx,

    Heretek Inventor is super great with the signature support or if the overall situation is tied, but can get bad in numbers. However I like having it as another one-drop for the deck.

    I play the signature support whenever I have it and can afford it pretty much – it’s super great. I think SPA might be good but haven’t tested it yet – I worry a little bit about them with the sig support though since the initiative for the extra battle will often be with the opponent, and 1/1/1 isn’t really good enough to do anything off initiative – unlike Heretek, who will beat up almost any capping unit out there!

  3. Jay on said:

    Do you think Ba’ar Zul is worth using in a Smasha Battery deck? Or do you think Ku’Gath works better in this station?

  4. Kingsley
    Kingsley on said:

    Hi Jay,

    Thus far the best Smasha deck I’ve played is Nazdreg; that said, in theory Smasha Gun works very well with Ba’ar Zul’s overall game plan. I’ve yet to test out the deck but I do think there’s something there that may well be powerful.

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