2 comments on “Smugglers Strike Back!

  1. pantsyg on said:

    Nice write up. I’ve been on Corvettes + RSX (which I’ve been calling “Lucky Rogues”) for a bit now, absolutely love the deck. I usually run Breaking the Blockade in the last spot to have more pilots for the rogues, but with Tarkin I’ll probably shift toward Dash or Bucket, as you suggest.

    The choke deck I’d never thought of, but as a huge Impersonating a Deity fan I’ll definitely be giving it a look!

  2. Blick501 on said:

    So far this deck is amazing. I built it as a “white weenie esq” deck and have lots of “lolz” when playing it. I know it’s not meant to be an uber-comp, but “crazy shenanigans” is right.


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